Fallon Burner Circus Performer & Choreographer

Fallon Burner's style is unlike that of any other performer. With a background in musical theatre, Fallon brings her own voice, interpretation, and movement style to exciting new works on the ground, in the air, and balancing on other people. She's not afraid to break out of the mold by being happy, brightly colored.....or a duck. Her infusion of grace and silliness is what makes her a great addition to any group, troupe, or event - an artist who can stand alone and plays well with others.

Currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Fallon also appears in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, and everywhere in between.


"With her mixture of strong technique, fearless commitment and ferocious play, Fallon delivers a performance that is vibrant, original, iconic and FUN - Huzzah!"

- Danny Frank
professional clown and head coach of Circus Smirkus Camp