Fallon Burner Circus Performer & Choreographer

Fallon Burner is the inventor of a brand-new aerial apparatus called the
"Loopy Hoop!"

It's origins: It was deadline time to choose majors in Circus School Fallon couldn't decide what she liked better - double fabric loops, or tippy lyra. She was inspired by her good friend, Trevor Kafka, to have the best of both worlds, and an idea began brewing. With the ingenuity of Vern Coffey, and the savy smarts of Elsie Smith of Nimble Arts, Fallon's idea & design were brought to life.

Introducing...the Loopy Hoop! The Loopy Hoop is a bright & circusy feat of flying, flipping fun like you've never experienced before! Brought to you by Fallon Burner, in venues worldwide.

"Fallon Burner is an incredible performer who always knows how to bring out the best in the audience through her performances. Everything she does on stage is full of joy, stage presence, and distinctive artistic intent. Fallon is just as multitalented as she is interdisciplinary, always combining together elements of dance, circus arts, humor, and true creativity through her performance pieces. Her performances are simply lovely to behold."

- Trevor Kafka, aerialist, acrobat, and instructor at STREB NYC

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