Fallon Burner Circus Performer & Choreographer
.I was one of 4 members of the VIP/Press team for the Samsung contract in Korea!. .Bungee Jilly Journey To Atlantis. .As my other character, .Star Poster for Samsung contract with Aerial Experience - in Yeosu, South Korea. .Cast of the Samsung show, in front of our Pavilion/Venue in Korea. .My .Samsung Pavilion Show Finale, Yeosu, Korea. .Circus Momentus Holiday Show. .Aerial Fabric, with Roustabout Circus for the Green Light Circus Staff Show, Talkeetna, Alaska. .The Loopy Hoop! invented by Fallon Burner. .Amelia Earhart Character on Aerial Sling. .Sh'Bang! Fest Poster. .Sh'Bang! Public Show. .Chautauqua Tour in Alaska. .Amelia Earhart Aerial Sling. .Singing Trapeze! . .duck loopy hoop talkeenta ak chautauqua. .Aerial Fabric at New England Center for Circus Arts, Vermont. .Kristen Shaw 2011-11.